Lost Pet Help

Perish the thought, but sometimes our pets wonder away from home and can’t find their way back. Now their lost and hoping you’ll find them. You’re first feelings will be fear, worry, and panic. You should know that feeling that way is normal, but you need to calmly gather yourself and set to work finding your companion animal. We’ve put together some tips to help you start a quick and thorough search for your beloved pet.

Remain Calm

The first step in the process is, as mentioned above, is remaining calm. It’s easier said than done, but remember you are the key to a happy reunion with your pet. Take a deep breath and focus how you will utilize the rest of the tips provided here.​​

Spread the Word

The primary way that most lost pets find their way home is through your neighbors. Use a current photo of your pet and create and print a flier with your computer. Make sure the word “LOST”, your pet’s picture and your phone number are the most visible (largest) portions of the flier. Post this flier around the neighborhood. You may also consider e-mailing (most e-mail programs will allow you to mark the e-mail with “urgent” or “high” priority) your flier to your neighbors and your home owners’ association as a very fast and efficient method of disbursal.

Get the word out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Also consider posting on local Lost Pet sites via Facebook and/or traditional websites. Often community associations ortowns have their own on-line bulletin boards. Also spread the word on your Facebook page or other social media sites.

Get Out and Look

Walk around the area calling your pet’s name. Stop by your neighbors and ask if they’ve seen your dog or cat – also leave a flier with them. If your search of the immediate area doesn’t turn up anything, hop in your car and slowly drive around the neighborhood. Cats will tend to stay close to home – be sure to check under open steps, in bushes, or in sheds. Normal feeding time and just before/after dark are excellent times to look for your pet. Shake a box or can of treats and call her name.

Contact Local Animal Shelters

Clarksburg is not too far from the Montgomery-Frederick county line. Be sure to contact both county animal shelters with a good description of your pet, your contact information, as well as the location and time where your pet was lost (consider e-mailing or faxing your flier). If your pet has a microchip, give them that information as well.

Call to check with them daily for any updates. Do not rely on them to call you. They are very busy places with many volunteers with lots of responsibilities. You are more likely to find you pet by being proactive.

Even with the best picture or best verbal description, the human eye and mind could interpret that description differently. Your pet may be a little scared by the shelter surroundings and might not respond to its name being called. Either of these cases could mean you could be told your pet isn’t there – but actually is. We are not saying these mistakes occur often nor are we saying that shelter employees and volunteers can’t be trusted, but we are saying that these mistakes do happen to the best of us. Be proactive, GO VISIT!!! See for yourself that your pet is definitely not there.

Learn More

7315 Muncaster Mill Rd.
Derwood, MD 20855

Tel: 240-773-5900
Fax: 301-279-1063

The Montgomery County Humane Society maintains their stray animal list through “Pet Harbor” You are urged to also call them at 240-773-5960 as Pet Harbor might not be updated “up to the minute”. You might also try their Facebook page.

Learn More

217 West Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Tel: 301-694-8300
Fax: 301-694-8305

The Frederick County Humane Society has a Facebook page to help with Lost & found pets.

Learn More

1832 Rosemont Ave.
Frederick, MD 21702

Tel: 301-600-1546
Fax: 301-600-1547

The Frederick County Animal Control department maintains a list of missing pets on their website. You might also try their Facebook page.

Contact the Microchip Company

If your pet has a microchip, call your microchip company to inform them of your missing pet. If your pet is registered with HomeAgain and you have paid the annual fee, they will proactively send a fax to all veterinary hospitals, animal shelters and volunteer “PetRescuers” within a 25 mile radius of where your microchipped pet was lost. If you have only paid the lifetime fee, don’t worry – you can still call at any time to pay the annual fee.

Many veterinarians, emergency clinics, and specialist have microchip scanners and will scan an animal that is brought to their facility. They will usually call HomeAgain to report the lost animal and you will receive a call from HomeAgain alerting you to where your animal is at.

​To notify HomeAgain of your missing pet, you can call them at 888-466-3242 or log-in to your account at their website.

Call Local Veterinarians

​​​Call veterinarians, emergency clinics, and specialty hospitals in your area. Sometimes good Samaritans find pets and bring them to a nearby veterinary establishment. You should also bring the same flier used in the neighborhood to these locations as well – most have bulletin board where they can be placed.

Contact a Pet Communicator/Psychic​​​

Yes, this may sound a bit quirky to some of you, but it is another option when nothing else has been successful. There are pets that have been recovered using these methods. Try to choose someone based on a recommendation. This is an area ripe with people who may want to capitalize on your desperation and raw emotions.