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Communication & Education

  • Communication is the key to every great relationship and is the foundation of the relationship you have with your Clarksburg veterinarian at Clarksburg Animal Hospital.
  • We take the time to listen to you about your pet and learn about your family. We also provide detailed explanations and guidance for your pet’s care.
  • Our 30 minute appointments allow us to answer your questions and address your concerns during wellness and preventative care visits. When your pet is sick, we have the time to learn more and determine the best solution.
  • Good communication also means starting conversations with cat and dog owners about everything from the best time to spay or neuter an animal to the ideal vaccination schedule for your pet.
  • We communicate with your pet too! We give them time to settle in, offer treats and comfortable exam spots, handle animals gently, keep you involved to improve your pet’s comfort, and use calming pheromones in the clinic.
  • We are the only veterinary hospital in Clarksburg who meets your modern day needs through our own Online Store.

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Managing Costs

Nutritional Management

Customized Care

  • We merge modern medicine and technology with traditional relationships and service to provide the best of both worlds – a rarity in today’s busy world.
  • We earn your trust and become the Clarksburg veterinarian you turn to for your pet’s needs, Whether it’s microchipping, vaccinations, surgery, managing illnesses, dental care, behavioral concerns or senior pet care.
  • We customize preventative care and treatment options to balance philosophy, science, personality, alternative options and advanced care to meet your family’s needs.
  • Vaccinations should not be the same for every pet. We adjust vaccine protocols to protect your pet the best for their lifestyle.
  • Nutrition is a critical part of what we do. Many diseases can be managed with diet adjustments and supplements. We’ll help guide you through this confusing world and can provide nutritional consultations.
  • Behavior Management is important to keep your relationship with your pet on track. We evaluate personality in puppies and kittens and new rescues to get training on the right track. We distinguish if you’ll need small adjustments or more intense training.

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  • Everything we do at Clarksburg Animal Hospital is to establish trust and strong relationships with you and your pets.
  • As we get to know you, we do an even better job treating your pets and customizing their care to your lifestyle and philosophy.
  • Taking steps to alleviate your pet’s fear during your visit is important in building a long term relationship, and it makes coming to the vet a more positive experience for all involved. Minimizing fear means more effective health care and a more pleasant process for your pet, for you and for us.
  • Our veterinary patients learn to trust us, and can sense your trust in us as well.​ Along with communication, these experiences help to build our relationship working toward your pet’s best life.
  • You learn to trust us because we recommend what is needed and keep your overall bills more manageable. We also offer several specials each year to allow savings on veterinary costs.

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  • Our patients come to us with many different types of health issues. Some are straight-forward and resolved easily. Others are more challenging to diagnose or more​​ challenging to treat.
  • We will always guide you through the process to get an accurate diagnosis, whether it’s a few simple steps or many complicated ones.
  • Our team will work with you to find the best treatment for your pet, your philosophy and your budget. Managing short and long term costs are part of the decision process, and we work hard to keep your total bill lower than most animal hospitals.
  • Dr. Greta’s 28 years of veterinary experience in Montgomery County gets you the best answers and best resources for specialized care.

Our History



  • We serve pet owners throughout Clarksburg and the surrounding communities including Germantown, Boyds, Damascus, Urbana, Ijamsville, Monrovia and beyond.
  • We opened in 2004 as the first vet to serve the newly developing Clarksburg. We take great pride in our community and we pride ourselves on being a responsible and conscientious business here. We have worked hard to earn our great reputation for the last 14 years.
  • This Clarksburg Vet takes the time for customer service and education. Our clients get thorough explanations to make informed choices. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have from explaining nutritional options & supplements for pets to discussing the importance of animal dental care.
  • Complicated cases receive follow up calls and emails to guide you through additional decisions and check on your pet’s progress.
  • We also serve as an excellent resource for veterinary laboratory and digital x-ray diagnostic testing for the pets in the Clarksburg community.

Clarksburg Animal Hospital is proud to provide wellness & preventive care, spay & neuter procedures, animal dental care, surgery, nutritional counseling, vaccinations, microchipping and senior pet care for pets and owners in Clarksburg, Germantown, Boyds, Damascus, Urbana, Ijamsville, Monrovia and the surrounding areas.